4 Reasons To Buy Interior Doors All At Once

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If you are slowly working through a home renovation, it can be tempting to order new interior doors as a room is completed and the door is needed. While this may seem like a better option over laying out the cash all at once for new doors and then storing them, there are actually quite a few reasons why you should instead purchase all of your needed interior doors at the same time. 

1. Request Wholesale Pricing Options

When purchasing multiple interior doors at once, you can often qualify for a pricing discount. Many wholesale door dealers will give a bulk or contractor's discount to residential customers that are placing a large order. In some cases, you can only purchase from a wholesale dealer directly if you are placing a minimum order for your doors. Although this may feel like more money upfront, in the long run, you will save on the cost of purchasing each door individually.

2. Ensure a Proper Match

Door styles, shapes, and features are constantly changing. If you hold off on purchasing all the doors you will need, there is a high chance you won't be able to match your doors later on. By buying all the doors at once, you can rest assured you are getting matching styles and colors in the dimensions you need. Even a small style change can be obvious with interior doors, where it isn't uncommon for several doors to open up off the same hallway or room.

3. Access a Wider Range of Options

Buying multiple doors at once typically means working with a wholesaler, and wholesalers tend to do the bulk of the business with contractors and designers. This means they often have a very large catalog of designs to choose from, especially when compared to the limited offerings at a typical big box home improvement store. You can be sure to find exactly the style you are looking for. If not, many wholesalers will go out of their way to help you track down a desired style since you will be placing a large order.

4. Qualify for Delivery

Trying to transport large doors on your own without damaging them is challenging at best. Many home improvement stores and door dealers charge a delivery fee, especially for smaller orders. The good news is you can usually qualify for free or reduced-cost delivery when you order all the doors at once, as delivery is often thrown in as a perk for larger materials orders. 

Contact a wholesale interior door dealer to learn more.  

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